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Sombor - The Town of culture

Sombor- the town of culture.

Cultus, colere, to grow, as well as some agricultural culture, some kind of corn or maize. Maybe this is the reason why there is so much of ragweed there. People are allergic to something which is not culture, they are allergic to weed, tough, sturdy, with no natural enemies... Ragweed is a non-culture which spreads fast, multiplies easy and there is no spiritual preparation, no ritual needed for it.

Cultures are cherished, respected, worshipped (cultus-cult) they need a long and consistent mental perspective, a strong vertical of values, determination, belief, knowledge and courage. And time, a lot of time which in its spiral course puts all its values as equally relevant.

Culture, in return, is the only thing that determines a level of our progress from the ice age on. Without it, if nothing else, we have no proof that Sombor is the town of culture.

Sombor- the town of ragweed?

We have to choose.

Čedomir Janičić

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