Zastitnik gradjana






In a village in Banat, Vranjevo, JOSIF MARINKOVIĆ was born, graduated from the Preparatory School of Sombor, a conductor and a very prolific composer. After schools in Novi Sad and Kikinda, he graduated from the Teacher-Training School in Sombor, after that, the school for organ in Prague and in 1881 he became the conductor of the Belgrade Choral Society, and in time of all the other choral societies in Belgrade. He composed more than 150 compositions, mostly vocal, and he was the first one who introduced choral compositions accompanied by piano in the Serbian music. With his contemporary Mokranjac, he belonged to the group of Serbian composers "who were among the first ones to step firmly into a field of a real artistic music", giving directions for its further development. He became the corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1907. He died and was buried in Belgrade, on 13 May 1931.


In Kula OLGA PAVLOVIĆ was born, the first teacher at the kindergarten among the Serbs in Sombor. After Hungarian primary school, she came to Sombor and in 1877/78 graduated from the Teacher-Training School. Since until then there was no kindergarten for Serbian children, the Serbian Church Commune decided to open Školica (»Small School«), as it was lovingly called. To this effect it was decided to send Olga to Pest to complete a nursery school teachers' course, and after that for three months to Zagreb, after which she was educated for that responsible profession. For the whole 34 years, until 1920, she will do this job, when she retired. She set foundation on which the Pre-School institution of today is based, which, unfortunatelly, was not named after her. She died and was buried in Sombor, on 15 February 1923.


Work time:
Monday – Friday: 7:30 - 19:00,
Saturday: 7:30 - 13:00