Zastitnik gradjana






In Sombor ĐORĐE ĐURICA ANTIĆ was born, the pharmacist as well as the archive figure. He graduated from the University of Pharmacy in Zagreb in 1922, when his father bought for him “The Town pharmacy” at the St George Square, which will become the Second National Pharmacy in 1949. However, archives followed him all his life; at the request he worked on the days in Sombor after the First World War, and he himself paid for the printing of Herald of the historical society in 1936, which he was able to do because he became rich by buying 500 acres of fields in Baranja and the Kronić Palace in Sombor. After retiring in 1954, he spent another working life, all until his death in 1981, in the Archives, setting in order of the archival materials, particularly the Magistrate fundus from 1745 to 1849, by speaking very well his mother tongue, Latin, Hungarian and German languages. I admit, he used to say, that the research work wasn’t the ideal of my youth, but in time it became the comfort of my old age.


Work time:
Monday – Friday: 7:30 - 19:00,
Saturday: 7:30 - 13:00