Zastitnik gradjana






By a decision of the National Board of the Sombor commune, the COMPANY FOR A UTILITY AND ECONOMIC BUILDING IN SOMBOR was founded. There, the space and urban planning was in the very beginning and not only in the Sombor commune, but in the whole Yugoslavia at the time. The Public Utility Company “Urbanizam” is based on that. However, indirectly, it was also based on a long and good tradition of the urban organization of the town. Namely, so far Sombor has been formed by five urban plans from different times; 1771, 1783, 1872, 1964 and 1984, but its base, its rustic Garland, for which a great master Milan Konjović wrote an ode, in its bases lies on the urban heritage of the Turks, from whom almost no traces of material culture have remained.


A great ceremony was held on which THE NATIONAL THEATRE was officially opened. It was built by a joint-stock company, headed by Szemzo Julie, a landowner. The building was basically classicistic, but due to frequent alterations, the last one made in 1982, it acquired an eclectic appearance. An interior of a chamber style, painted ceiling, 324 seats in a pit and on a balcony, as well as esthetically well formed boxes, ensure comfort to audience, and a spacious and functional mobile stage, enables the highest acting creations. Because of all of that this building is a cultural asset of great importance.


The assembly of the teachers of the Teacher-Training School was held where a consent was given for forming the “NATOŠEVIĆ” GROUP, the aim of which was: “To develop and advance mental and physical powers of its members, directing them especially to patriotic thoughts and feelings, and all of that during a time free from school work”. However, having a bad experience of a previous school group “Venac”, they elected a teacher Jovan Popović their representative, who will in their name follow the work of the group, and who actually performed that duty until his death in 1906. The Group worked until the Second World War when it was closed down, to activate again after the war, but soon it stopped working for good.


A citizen of Sombor Ljubomir Bikar, a person with a special biography who in 1892 moved to Ruma, in a written form asked from the Orthodox Church Commune to allow him to adapt the storehouse rooms in a house of Dr Pera Stojaković, in order to, using his cinema “Edison”, show “live pictures” there; an innovation the citizens of Sombor had already been introduced to. He obliged to make a pleasant ambience, which its owner could later use. However, although the Church Commune gave its consent to it, very soon some misunderstandings occurred, but the fact remained that Ljubomir Bikar was the first in Sombor to fix the rooms in which he was showing movies in the spring of 1907.


Work time:
Monday – Friday: 7:30 - 19:00,
Saturday: 7:30 - 13:00