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Virtual Library


Library computer network in Serbia (VLS)

The COBISS system is based on on-line communication between the local computer system and central computer system at the National Library of Serbia which performs tha function of library and information services.
The city library in Sombor is a full member (VLS) and user of COBISS system, along with 161 more libraries which are in shared cataloging system

The automation of library operation started in 2005. and nowdays there are 76.568 records in electronic catalogue of the Library, all together 147.240 units. 376 periodical titles have been processed or 2.424 units of serial publications.

The catalogue can be searched according to more parameters (author, title, key words...).

One part of the programme COBISS2/lending was automated in November 2008. for the use of Children's Department and Adult's Department. The library users are provided with the informaition on borrowed books as well as reserved ones via WEB OPAC.

All users are enabled toperform Web OPAC search by mutual as well as the local base of bibliographic records of all members in the library system. Through the mutually searching catalog , in addition to the requested records, a list of libraries with the requested publications is available.

tel.: 025/433 100
e-mail: verslad@eunet.rs

Work time:
Monday – Friday: 7:30 - 19:00,
Saturday: 7:30 - 13:00